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Managing Cold Weather Construction

2015 began with a cold snap shutting down numerous construction projects across the area and the nation. While the Southeast region may not see heavy snow, the cold winds, frozen ground, and freezing temperatures still present their own challenges to construction projects and tradesmen. So, if your construction project occurs during some of the winter months, you should be aware of the potential for additional costs and time delays due to weather. For instance, did you know:   With cold temperatures comes decreased daylight, which affects on the job productivity. Not only are there less daylight hours for construction crews to work, you also lose the time needed to properly warm up equipment, as well as the time and effort required to set up temporary heating or even lighting equipment.   For concrete and masonry to cure properly, it needs to maintain a moderate temperature. Freezing conditions require additives and even blankets to ensure the correct temperature is maintai

Sustainability: A Common Sense Choice

Sustainability has shifted from a buzzword to something simply expected. Not to mention it has taken on numerous forms through the years. From cost savings provided by enhanced energy efficiency to the personal satisfaction from being environmentally responsible, there are many reasons for choosing to build a “green” or “sustainable” building. However, these efforts, when included in the building design upfront can save in maintenance and energy costs down the road. Sustainability isn’t just for new buildings. It can be used to revitalize and preserve existing structures. RKR renovated a closed Ingle’s Grocery store, transforming it into a concert venue creating Mill Town Music Hall which provided the following benefits: Improved profitability through cost savings from using more efficient systems and equipment for power, water and the related infrastructure that drives the demands on these resources. Improved amenity for staff and visitors by incorporating natural lighting